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Friday, 29 April 2011

yep- me knee

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After liberal icing, compression and elevation yesterday, along with lymphatic drainage, it seems that this morning I have slight inflammation of the patella ligament (lateral portion).
Despite jumping in a cold bath after yesterdays squatting efforts, my glutes and hamstrings are feeling it this morning.
I think the answer is more ice... and longer in the bath.

So, the TGUs are out for today, I dont want to be putting pressure on the knee in any way shape or form, I imagine that its a good idea to blow out the hill training tomorrow as well, replacing it with a workout which is more focussed on upper body strength - finger strength etc.
So today, as recovery, I shall be concentrating on flexibility and mobility around the hips, specifically on glutes and adductors and the long fascial chains that are involved with them.
Without putting undue pressure or stress across the knee.

Also have another GNE player coming around for a massage - tight lumbar and hamstrings- again. But, as he says, if he wants to play tomorrow, hes going to have to look after himself.
The more you push yourself, the more you need to recover, only then will you trancend your current level and breakthrough your plateaus.

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