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Monday, 25 April 2011


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Headed over to New Mills to watch the local team in a league match against the guys at the top of the table, (and undisputed winners of the league this year).
Glossop, despite going a goal down in the first few mins played well, and didnt give up, having a number of decent chances before finally scoring late in the second half.

One of the guys was down and out before it even began- having sustained an injury to his heel in the middle of the previous game- it flared up on the day, and he was having real trouble walking around, let alone running after a ball.
As I happened to be there I was drafted into the locker room to have a look at the heel- looks like a case of plantar fasciitis, overuse and under-recovery. I STRed the tissue, releasing it around the heel, and also MET'd the soleus which was particularly tight, giving the lad a bit of pain relief. I also noticed that the Peroneus longus was under a fair amount of tension, so helped that with a bit of STR as well.
He was never going to be able to play on the day, so I ibuprofened up the heel, told him to get as much rest as possible, and under no circumstances, to play on Wednesday, if the next important match was on Sat...

as it was, Glossop drew 1-1. Shame it wasnt a win, but at least it wasnt a loss.


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