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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Mountain Biking in the Peak

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I havent really been on a bike, and certainly not been on a mountain bike in anger for quite some time. Having got hold of Peak District Mountain Biking- the Dark Peak, by Vertabrate Publishing recently, I had a look through it, saw one that was relatively close- just over the hill starting at Hayfield, and decided that I'd give it a bash.

Starting out early- its been hot these past couple of days, I cycled over the pass to Hayfield, taking in a lovely 10%er on the way up, and dropped into the village. From there, I followed the description around the twisting and turning bridleways, and only got lost a couple of times. No matter how good a guide book is, always take an OS map- its invaulable!

There were a number of quite tricky rocky descents, which nearly gave me a bit of trouble, but I held on for grim death, and rocketed over the problem areas with no damage done. After about an hour it was becoming apparent that the sun was getting a tad warm- and this was at about 8:30am, and that I was going to have to pedal a bit faster so as not to get too burnt. (thats the theory, the faster you pedal, the less the sun hits you....)

I had plenty of energy left for the second part of the loop up over to Chinley Churn, and was rewarded with some lovely sweeping downhill track that seemed to go on forever.
Or at least til I got over excited, took the wrong turning, and had to back track uphill for about 500m. On grass. (I hate cycling uphill on grass... thats something I really need to train at).
I finished the loops after about 2h 45 mins, and wondered if I could get back to home within 15mins...

unfortunately the distance and lack of training, along with the sun had taken its toll on me, and I got back in a total of 3h 05mins, which isnt bad going for about 40km.

My legs were in a "fun" state of tiredness by the end of it all. I had DOMS after the fell race on Wednesday. Not wanting to repeat that episode I undertook some active recovery.
A glass of Chocolate milk (carbs and protein in a shot) and 10 mins in an ice bath. Well, it wasnt quite ice, as we dont have a freezer yet, but it was cold water, and very difficult to stay in for that long.
A shower was followed by stretching in the sun.

all in all a good morning, and its not even 1130 yet!


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