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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Match with the Locals

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After being called up to help out with Glossop North End the other day, I went along to provide massage support for them in one of their last games of the season. The Physio isn't generally able to come for mid-week games, so I went along to help out.

After arriving early I headed into the changing room- just a room with a physio couch in the middle, and a few bags with a variety of sprays, tapes and bits and pieces in them. After looking through them all, I managed to mix and match the supplies into a bag which suited the needs of a match. I'm sure that normally there is quite enough to make up 2 physio bags, but at this time, at the end of the season, not everything is in all the bags and it needed a little consolidating.

The guys began to arrive, and there was a marked lack of urgency in getting on the table. I was standing around looking like a spare wheel for a short time. Then one guy asked for Hamstrings to be warmed up, and another, then one with a stiff back, then hamstrings again, adductors, calf, etc.
So from a very brief overview, I can say that football, particularly when played constantly gives a lot of issues in hamstrings and lower back...

There were a couple of notable things, one guy, whom I treated on Monday has plantar fasciitis, another has the beginnings of plantar fasciitis, and there were at least 2 more which potentially looked like it might flare up. I suspect this is being caused by tight soleus, and constant playing on hard surfaces. The pitch is showing its age, is rock hard and divotted.

I also strapped up an ankle and used liberal amounts of ice spray on adductors and lower backs.
The guys have had a long tough season, especially the past couple of weeks. Some of them have played 5 matches in 5 days and are understandably pretty knackered. All I can do is help patch them up and help them get on with it.

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