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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Structure and Plans

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I still have no structure to my training plan. What with moving house and getting the business up and running life's been a little hectic. But I shall remedy this tonight because for me, it's important to have a goal (or something tangible) to aim for. That doesn't have to be finishing a mountain marathon in under four hours, or making it all the way round the Bob Graham. For me it's about having a plan laid out to make sure I get out and do something. So far I've managed to go running or walking without too much trouble, and without getting hung up on times and distances. I am afterall still finding my hill legs! What I lack is a structure to keep my exercise mixed up. I enjoy pilates (brilliant for stretching fascia and keeping the body supple and your core strong), kick boxing/boxercise interests me (a total body workout to increase stamina and strength), swimming (non-weight bearing exercise is good for light training/recovery days and I find it emotionally stimulating), strength training (to keep my legs fit and strong for the steep ascents I'm challenged by in the Dark Peak) and balance. And this is just the start. So my plan for tonight is to make a plan which incorporates all types of fitness challenges plus rest, recovery, stretching and sports massage to keep muscles/fascia healthy. I'll write more about why massage is beneficial soon.

We all must remember that you get out what you put in. And, if it were easy everyone would be doing it.


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