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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

recovery day...?

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Today was written in as a recovery day. Just an hours worth of gentle cycling to get blood into the legs, wake up the neural circuits, and stretch out some fascia. Nothing serious.

Finding a place in the Peak District, particularly near Glossop, which appears to be based in the bottom of a valley, no matter which way you look, is a more interesting matter.
I settled on a route out toward the Woodhead, stopping at the sailing club and then coming back along the same route. My HR monitor had no battery, so I kept the intensity down by making sure I could talk to myself in a non-strained way all the way out and all the way back. Must have looked and sounded a bit odd, but at least I knew I wasnt unintentionally cranking up the speed or effort.

I was going to be doing Cakes of Bread local race with dpfr tomorrow, which was going to be my workout, however, I have been called in to massage and 1st aid for the local football team, which is a bonus. So tomorrow wont have a work out...
hmmm, problem solved, as Glossopdale harriers have a training run this evening. I'll drop in on that, and use tomorrow as a rest day.

And rest day means just that.
Nothing but rest and stretching. And maybe a bit of massage. Trying to keep stretching fascia to make it slowly become more supple and elastic. - its going to take months, but at the same time as gaining strength and endurance, agility will also be built up as well.


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