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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Run with the Harriers

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So yesterdays recovery day didnt go quite as planned. I was intending on heading out to "cakes of bread" with the Dark Peak guys this evening as an endurance based workout, hence recovery yesterday. However, I was called in the middle of the day yesterday and asked to help cover a football match this evening as a therapist.

Not one to turn down such an opportunity, I knocked Cakes of Bread on the head, and realised that I would either need to do an Endurance related thing on Wed, or do something else on my designated "recovery" day and rest on Wed.

I noticed that Glossopdale Harriers have a club run on Tuesdays, so I decided to head out with them last night, and have a proper full on rest day today.
We headed off over the hills, at a fair old pace, and after a few kms, we split into A and B groups- basically being split into numbers for cars to take us back to base. I headed off with the A group up over Fairnaze (I think), and across the peaty tops, around some amazing rock formations. (some good bouldering up there I do believe... but quite a trek in with the mat).
I fell over in the heather at some point, and after a few more Kms, my knee began to hurt- however, I put that down to an impact injury rather than a biomechanical issue.

Its a good thing to remember, if you knee starts hurting, and you HAVENT hit it on something, its much more likely that the CAUSE of the pain will be in the foot or the hip. The knee pain is only the smoke- look for the fire!

15km later, after a really fast finish, we were back at the car just as light was fading. My legs were heavy, but I still managed to pick up the pace for the fast 4km home along the Pennine way track.
Once home, recovery took precedence-
Chocolate milkshake- protein, sugar, carbs.
10 mins in an ice bath- painful- but sooooo necessary, and certainly my legs are feeling much better today than they would have been,
and the remains of the spaghetti that I didnt eat before running- refuelling before bed.

Today is the most important day of the week. It is a day of REST.
If you work hard, rest easy as there is no such thing as over training. Only Under-recovery.
A little flush through on the Quads and Hamstrings would go down a treat right now, get the remaining toxins out, and continue getting fresh, oxygenated blood to the areas that really need it.


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