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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Walk in the Groughs

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We went up to the groughs beyond the house today, searching for the falls that Lynne had seen on a map a couple of days earlier on a recce run.
After the morning was mostly overcast (which Lynne had spent mostly on the computer sorting out the website), we set out in trousers and softshells expecting it to be a pretty chilly wander. But within about 10 mins of leaving the house the sun was out in all its glory, beating down on us as we trekked up the path to the open access land.

After getting off of the beaten path and heading down to the falls, we came across a canada goose... which looked remarkably lost, yet quite happy with where it was- in the midst of open moorland. It had to be the most bizarre thing Ive seen in recent times. We were also sharp eyed enough to see an oil beetle toddling its way through the field.

After turning a corner and wandering up a sheep track, we did indeed find a delightful waterfall- covered in moss and dripping/ flowing with water. It had three tiers, one of which was a tad steep to scramble down, but thankfully there was a decent amount of heather to grab onto as we descended.

Once we were down and had a little light refreshment, we carried on down the water course, coming across another Canada Goose, which honked disapprovingly at us, before flying off to a nearby hillside. Instead of carrying on home, we had an inpromptu navigation lesson over some fairly untamed moorland to get to the shooting cabin, a trig point and, somewhat belatedly, home. In the process we also saw a Curlew, who may well have been nesting on the moor.

Quite a delightful day though, and I do believe I've caught the sun a bit.
Happy Easter.

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