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Monday, 25 April 2011

Derbyshire Hills

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I've been dreaming of the Derbyshire hills for a while now. I used to live up this way, only a short way from where we've landed in Glossop. Living in London has been a big part of my life but the last few years have been spent gradually learning that I didn't want to be there at all; that I should be living near to the hills again. So, we took out a map and worked out all the places in the UK that ticked all the boxes...mainly hills, green stuff in our backyard essentially, close to a decent sized town and easy for transport to the places we want to go to. Glossop it was, and Glossop it is. We've been here a few weeks now and for me that's include a couple of short trips back to London to finish off my old job. That has only confirmed that we have made the right choice.

Now, getting back to those hills. I've tried in vain to get interested in running in London; and lovely as it is, Blackheath just isn't the same as being out in the remote hills of Kinder Scout or the Derbyshire Dales. I'm three runs into my new regime. I love it. My lungs may complain but they're just going to have to adapt to the fact that running now involves going upwards....and lots of it.

I'm loving exploring the area and realising that life isn't governed by numbers (which is how I tried to gain some sort of interest in running down South). The shear beauty of the hills mesmerises me. I have to remind myself that when I'm on a run I don't stop to look at the view...well I might, but I'll only do so (with intent) when my lungs cry out for a brief rest as I hack my way across the open countryside. I'm waiting in eager anticipation for a pair of INOV8's to arrive...but in the meantime I'm more than pleased with the ten quid pair of Walsh's I found in a bargain basement. They're doing a sterling job and are working wonders at helping me build up my off-road confidence. I'm sure shoes and feet will be the topic of a blog before too long!


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