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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Recovery Day

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I've been told by a good source that there's no such thing as overtraining, just under-recovery. So, in my training plan which Tim helped me create, today is noted as a Recovery Day. It's not the same as a Rest Day (generally no activity).  Today's recovery is aimed at getting blood moving around the body, recovering from previous training sessions and getting my body in to a good place to be able to train better/harder/faster/more efficient in the coming days. The idea in my turbo session was to keep the HR down and be able to hold a conversation - so an easy, steady pace it was. Quite nice actually not to have to do intervals or build strength, just have a nice easy and gentle spin of the wheels/legs and get some benefit out of it as well.

What else can you use Recovery Day's for? Well, as you're not going at high intensity levels you can focus on your technique. It helps to build your capacity for exercise and to help correct any imbalances that you may have developed through poor technique. So, Recovery Days are good. I enjoyed mine - 30 minutes on the turbo done before 8.30am. What a great start to the day before seeing clients and marking student papers.


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