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Monday, 23 January 2012

Olympics Sports Massage

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Well, I got an email through the other day saying that my application to be a Sports Massage Therapist at the 2012 Olympics has (finally) been accepted and approved, which is nice.

I have been assigned to a couple of events throughout the whole thing. Not everything lasts for the whole two weeks, so I am going to be shuffling about between locations. One part is going to be in the olympic park, and the other is off site.

Unfortunately I can't really go into too much detail about what I'm going to be doing on which day, or apparently even which events I'm going to be at - Locog have bascially issued the following guidelines about volunteers, the olympics and social media:

  • not to disclose their location
  • not to post a picture or video of Locog backstage areas closed to the public
  • not to disclose breaking news about an athlete
  • not to tell their social network about a visiting VIP, eg an athlete, celebrity or dignitary
  • not to get involved in detailed discussion about the Games online
  • but they can retweet or pass on official London 2012 postings
So there you go. I'm very happy to be accepted, and excited about going, though there appear to be a large number of hoops to jump through before I finally, actually get there.

Tim Budd

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  1. And here's confirmation of Tim's place at the Olympics on the SMA website: