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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Rockover Growl 2

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On Saturday I went over to Rock Over Climbing wall to help out with their second GROWL competition. After the success of the first one, which I blogged about here, I was really looking forward to seeing some interesting route setting, good climbing, and a lot of people having fun.

Lynne and I provided free arm and shoulder massages at the last one, so I knew there would be some demand for us there again. Unfortunately Lynne couldn't be there this time, so it was just me holding the fort. I got there nice and early, watching the first competitors float through the door, from the cold outside to the not every so much warmer inside, filling out their forms and taking in the look of the problems on the walls.
The guys had excelled themselves in terms of routes, and the very obvious amusement was "the Death Star", or, alternatively known as "Simons dangly bits". A hanging sphere of plastic volume between 2 walls. According to Simon, getting onto and across was the easy part of the problem. Excellent.
The "death star"
As more and more climbers came in, I set up the table and talked with a lot of the guys and girls wandering around. The temperature slowly began to rise, and at 11am the competition was kicked off.

As ever, the first hour or so was spent talking to the injured climbers, looking at injuries and giving advice on what to do, and, more often than not, what not to do. Then, as things began to get swinging (as it were) there was an influx of competitors for massage and de-pumps.

The general consensus from the guys I was talking to was that it was a bit harder than last time, but just as enjoyable. I certainly had a good time, and I'm looking forward to trying out a load of the problems on my next visit.

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