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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Benefits of Sport & Remedial Massage: an overview

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Benefits of Sport & Remedial Massage
  • Injury prevention
  • Enhanced training
  • Greater energy
  • Pain reduction & management
  • Faster recovery
  • Increased flexibility & agility
  • Improved mobility & range of movement
  • Functional muscle balance
  • Normalised fluid movement (blood & lymph)
  • Emotional relaxation and stimulation
  • Increased body stamina
  • Reduced soft tissue tension & binding
  • Improved physical & mental performances

Benefits for systems of the body:
  • Skeletal system: reduced thickening of connective tissue, restore range of movement, decrease stress on joints and bones, improve muscle tone balance 
  • Muscular system: release tension, decrease stiffness, decrease spasms, decrease restrictions, decrease adhesions, normalise scar tissue, improve tissue functionality 
  • Cardiovascular system: increase blood flow, increase oxygen and nutrient uptake, remove of toxins and waste products 
  • Nervous system: increase endorphin production, stimulate and soothe sensory receptors (decrease pain), proprioceptive balance restoration, deactivate trigger points 
  • Digestive system: improve peristalis and fluid movement 
  • Lymphatic system: increase white blood count & lymph movement

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  1. Thanks for sharing such nice stuff. I think we all should take part in sports to fit and healthy.