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Friday, 1 July 2011


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Went to Rockover last night for a bit of an indoor session. Although it was only a day after my humbling efforts over at Burbage South, it was good to get some time in on plastic as well, training movement patterns without the risk of cheese-gratering more skin off my ankles before this weekends massive bog-bash through the Peak.

We took a table over to the wall in case any of the climbers wanted a massage, I know that its only really a couple of weeks since we started going there, and we still haven't officially launched, but its good to keep up appearances as well, just in case.

We had a little more interest in the massage, and may have a couple of bookings for next week as well, which should be good.
Had a quick chat with Little Tom about the design for our t-shirts, which looks pretty cool, I have to say- look out for them in a couple of weeks when they are finished and being worn around the wall. We also had a quick chat to him about places to go outdoors as well- Tom is ridiculously enthusiastic about anything to do with bouldering, and a fountain of knowledge about what is good to play on in this area of the Peak at any number of different levels. If in doubt, have a chat with him.

So now my fingertips are quite sensitive from being bashed about on gritstone and plastic. The indoor session was good, testing out the new Purple routes set up by Tom- some of them were a lot harder than others, I have to say- and I've been sitting around healing them up nicely with Climb On- excellent stuff.

Yes, look out for us over at Rockover, and if you're in Manchester and don't want to travel to Glossop for a treatment, drop us a line, we'd be most happy to treat you there instead- we'll be there next Wednesday, 6th July 2011.

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