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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rock Over and Strength and Performance Gym

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We were over at Rock Over Climbing last night, climbing and treating a couple of climbers who had a few aches and pains. We had one client who had a full hour treatment, and a couple who were content with just a 15 min maintenance massage - a great way in which to keep on top of any potential injuries, catching them before they become damaging, and generally getting a brief MOT check on the arms and shoulders.

We also went around at the end giving out a couple of freebie arm de-pumps and shoulder stretches to anyone who asked for it, and as long as we have time next week, that will be the course of action as well. So if you see us around next week at Rock Over, we will be there on Wednesday evening, please do come and say hi, and ask for an arm de-pump if you want one. (you won't get 15 mins, but you will have get a brief taster treatment)!  With any luck our new t-shirts might be printed by then as well, which will be very cool.

This morning we went on over to Strength and Performance Gym based in Stockport. Sean and Z have just got back from Vegas where they were helping out with filming for The Ultimate Fighter 14 - at considerably short notice. Happily they are back in the country and have just about got over their jet lag and are very very busy finalising plans for the first UKSA competition which is going on this weekend.

As they are working so damn hard at the moment, with not so much as a tiny break, we thought we'd give them a little enforced down time - but not for relaxation.

Sean and Z are hard working athletes and regularly need a decent maintenance massage, working out the kinks in the muscles, and keeping their bodies in as good a shape as possible. As owners of the gym, and being on the floor everyday, they simply cannot afford to get injured.
A bit of a different setting to normal...
As it's been a while since they had any kind of massage treatment, today was going to be mainly about looking at various imbalances that they have been carrying around in their bodies, and giving the body a quick MOT and kickstart.

It's always a pleasure to treat someone that respects their body, and realises what they need to do to keep in condition. It is also always good to point out small imbalances that have built up over time, and to help them recognise what needs to be stretched and maintained on a daily or weekly basis in order to keep the body healthy and balanced.

Through the whole treatment we were talking with the guys about their training habits, how they could incorporate more recovery practices into their lifestyle, why various muscles were aching, and how we can help make them biomechanically more efficient, which will, in turn, enable them to become better at what they already do best. Work in functional fitness.

I have to say that I'm really very impressed with the set up that they have in Stockport. Anyone who is seriously interested in functional fitness and actually training (as opposed to "working out") should definitely check them out.

We are also teaming up with them for this weekends UKSA event, which will see 30 athletes battling it out to be the UKs Strongest Athlete. All proceeds go to charity, and it looks like being a great Comp. As I say, Global Therapies are going to be there providing massage support for the day, so if you are a competitor or a supporter, come on over, say hi, get a massage, and give some cash to charity.

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