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Friday, 10 June 2011

A Grand Day out in Manchester

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Global Therapies had a fantastic day in Manchester yesterday.

Tim spent the first part of the day meeting Kieran over in JUMP Physio, looking about the facilities that they have in Lloyd Street over there. A most impressive set up. We know that he's had good feedback from a few fell runners that we're acquainted with, so it was really nice to be invited in for a chat.

Tim also treated a client in the studio, who apparently gave some very good feedback, which is always encouraging. We are looking at getting some kind of reciprocal arrangement going with Kieran and JUMP for the foreseeable. So if you are in Manchester city centre and can't really get out to Glossop, it might be worth trying to get us through there.

After a treatment in the city (and Lynne was treating a client in Glossop- we CAN be in two places at the same time!), we met up and headed over to Rock Over Climbing where we helped out at the weekend for a meeting with Paul and Tom.

It was all very productive, it has to be said, and we will be starting a regular time slot at the wall as well. We are still in planning stages, but there may be an opportunity to introduce workshops and open instructional sessions as well, which is all rather exciting.

Watch out for us in Rock Over in the coming weeks, and do come over and say hi.

In the afternoon we wandered around the city and were lucky enough to bump into Richard at City Therapy for a quick chat about Massage therapy, alternative therapies and General Practitioners- it's interesting how peoples perceptions change - they're no longer happy with being given a load of tablets and sent home, and are being more proactive about their health. It's certainly a sign of the times, and also indicative of the information revolution brought about by the internet.

"Complementary" therapy appears to be on the rise, though as we were discussing, standards across all therapies, and indeed therapists certainly are not the same.

To round off the day we went over to the Mountain Equipment store run by Ellis Brigham for a lecture by Dave MacLeod about some of his most recent exploits, and, more importantly, what he is planning on in the very near future. It was interesting to note that he doesn't necessarily get interested by talking about what he HAS done- it's like the challenge is gone from the route, and he becomes a bit blase about it (his words, not ours)- and he gets far more psyched about things he hasn't done yet. Hence a large part of his talk was about a new 500m sea cliff climb on Orkney that we're sure we will all be hearing about very soon indeed. We wish him all the very best - and after 3 years in the making, this may well be the year that he makes it stick.

It's quite humbling to see such a great climber, with so much talent, and raw strength on his side who appears, in some cases to be racked with some self-doubt. It's almost as if you expect every "rockstar" to be as outgoing and gregarious as Tim Emmet, Dave is almost the polar opposite, but when they climb together, you can see they work well.

Mental fortitude, whether through crazy outgoing-ness, or through quiet strength is certainly a bit part of climbing.

Strong forearms also seem to help some as well......

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