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Thursday, 2 June 2011

6-8 months on, what changed after the Gym Jones seminar?

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I thought it might be an interesting exercise to have a look back over my training diary and recent history since I did the Gym Jones FDI seminar and see how and if I had managed to keep up any of the training - or keep any of the concepts in my mind.

I worked out a training schedule for the first month, and decided to keep a food diary, to see what I was eating and see where I could cut out the bad things. This went well. It was November when I started the training, and I had a Fell race on the 22nd Jan which I was using as my target. I have a lot of information about the first 4 weeks and how it all went - I also had free access to a gym (ok, it was a globo gym, but at the times I was using it, there was no-one around, so that was good).

I wrote out a modified schedule for December, and kept to it pretty well, but what with it being crazy time in the shop, not all of the workouts got done, and some of the bad food crept in again as days got longer and more busy.

January came around and I tapered down rather well - basically by forgetting to to anything at all - except commute to work and back - to Boxhill fell race, and completely destroyed my previous time by about 10 mins and 50 or so places. Wow. That's not bad. And to be honest, at this point, although I had been pushing myself, I knew there was so much more that I could give.

Then came upheaval, and the planning for the move, I didn't plan a schedule, and my training log lapses, the food was still pretty much ok, and I went out for a couple of runs, but my general fitness - in GJ terms fell through the floor.

Unfortunately the general fitness is still somewhere down there, but there is a very real reason for that. We appear to have come up to the Peak District just at peak racing time, every week there is a race, I'm out on the hill at least 3 times a week, and climbing is beginning to make a bigger dint on my time. (or will as soon as I get that new bouldering guide from Vertabrate Publishing!), so I'm not going to the gym to push myself there. In fact, I don't even belong to a gym.

So was that seminar a waste of money, and simply a chance for me to meet a hero?
No, I don't believe so.
Everytime I get out on the hill, every time I head out on a race and find myself flagging - I know that the Mind is primary, I know that there is always more in the tank, no matter how bad I feel. As an athlete I know I can get to a certain point, but as a coach to myself, I believe that I can go at least half as far again.

Everytime I see a client, and work on their imbalances, I give them ideas based on GJ techniques - using the whole body, working the organism as a single unit. If you begin to isolate, it becomes disjointed and what body wants to be disjointed?

There are so many gems of information that I picked up on that course that I use for personal and professional improvement.
It's not about Spartans or 300 reps.
It's about training intelligently. With Spirit.

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