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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Advanced Therapy Course

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I was down in Oxford this weekend just gone doing an Advanced Therapy Course with John Gibbons, who has more letters after his name than in it, and is involved in more world class sports teams than I could actually name. (I know he has a new website being made, so when I know where it is I'll link to it).

The idea of doing this course was to get some new ideas, new techniques and get some insights into the structural world of the body. I am mostly concerned with muscles and soft tissue, John comes from an osteopathic background, so to see his take on things was very useful.

Some of the things that stick in my mind - especially now I have had the time to look at and write up my notes are the differences in Spinal mechanics, both in neutral and non-neutral positions, and, perhaps more importantly, how to identify and recognise them. We went through the mechanics and motion of the innominate and sacrum (pelvis) and how to identify and fix dysfunction through various methods.

There was an excellent re-cap on muscle firing patterns, which, although I know, and have been taught, was a welcome reminder, and gave me a few more ideas as to WHY firing dysfunctions may happen, and also more ideas on how to re-fire, and re-educate muscles into correct patterns.

There was more, much more, but I don't have time or space to go into it all now.
I can't wait to put the things I've learned into practice, rest assured they will be tested out and refined on Lynne first before being unleashed on other people!

If there are other therapists who have heard about the Advanced Therapy Course, or even if you haven't, I'd suggest going on it. It was very educational, thoroughly worth the money, and I will be constantly learning from my notes for the foreseeable future. It'll be great when it has all been assimilated into my head, and even better when it is in my style.

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