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Monday, 2 May 2011

Burpees and bakers

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The day of rest yesterday (planned, I might add), was definitely a good idea, and my knee is no longer hurting as it was on Friday. Ibuprofen, ice, lymphatic drainage from the area, and some massage around the quads to help the muscle tissue relax and get rid of waste products = ready for action.

I didn't want to completely rupture anything this time - so just going easy this morning. Power endurance- breathing ladder. Burpees 1-12-1. The original idea was just to go 1-20, but by about 11 I was twinging on the left knee, and not wanting to do any severe damage - as I'm out running tomorrow, and then biking on Thurs, with a race next Tuesday, I decided to play it safe and head back down to 1 again.
Safe, yes, not easy. By 9, it was nasty, and 7 was vicious. However, I got through it.

After a quick shower, and stretch out, we headed out over the hill to Hayfield to drop in on Kinder Mountain Rescue Team. Today is an awareness day for MRTs throughout the area. KMRT showed us around the station, and gave demos on a couple of bits of kit. I was strapped into a stretcher - not an unpleasant experience, once I got used to it. (It was very claustrophobic at the beginning when I was strapped in, but when I relaxed, it felt much better - glad I didnt have to be carried off the mountain on one of those things though).

Also met the trainee search dog and handler, which was very interesting. Nick gave a great explanation of the training he is having to go through (learning more than the dog, to be fair), and how he hopes (maybe) to have passed the test at the beginning of next year to get them on the team as a full time rescue party.

We weren't there just as spectators, we were also treating a couple of people. One of them - in KMRT- is a baker by trade, and she has what seems like RSI in her right wrist - from baking every day - rolling out dough, kneading dough and piping large amounts of icing. After going to her GP she was given pain killers and told, pretty much - to go away.

I looked at her wrist - the ligaments on the posterior surface seemed inflammed, and there were a number of adhesions in the flexor and extensor muscles around the proximal portion of her wrist - so we set about helping her out with not some little muscular discomfort.

After a short treatment- perhaps only 10 mins she was feeling freer about the wrist, and appeared not to be holding it in such a protective way. I don't know if I'll see her again for another treatment - in the best way possible, I hope not, it'll mean that she is becoming more pain free from better biomechanics.


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